CECS 5510 – Week 13 Activity 5

There is not much time left in the session to complete your project, so it is a good time to think about what needs to be done. What is left to do? What challenges have you faced? Will you be able to meet your timeline for completion? Why or why not? Will you be able to implement? Evaluate?

I was not able to stay on track to finish my course development on time.  I unfortunately let life get in the way and accidently told myself I would be able to catch up quickly.  Now I’m struggling to complete weekly assignments.

For the most part, the technology hasn’t been challenging. I did spend some time trying to figure out how to place words to the right of my images.  I finally got it by creating tables in my modules.  The only people challenge I experienced was myself.  As I mentioned, I allowed myself to get behind.  I’m overcoming this difficulty by staying after work every night for a few hours to work on my schoolwork without interruptions.  My family is not pleased with me not being home, but I recognize that I do not work on schoolwork very well – I’m not focused and I don’t produce quality work.  Staying at work is helping me get more work done.

Through this process I have learned that completing a major project within a professional deadline takes dedication.  I still believe that I would be able to accomplish it in time if it were my job and I was being paid to do it.  (Next time?  Well, I hope there isn’t a next time because I still do not enjoy instructional design.  Sorry Instructors, I prefer to do web design.)

My strengths as a designer are my attention to detail and ability to make my projects aesthetically pleasing.  I feel I produced a quality course in Canvas.  If I wanted to take the time, I would want to improve some of the words I chose to introduce topics and assignments so the student is more relaxed and is comforted by knowing there is a real person on the other side of the computer screen.


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