CECS 5510 – Week 11 Activity 4

By the end of this week, your full initial development must be completed. Were you able to finish according to your timeline? Why or why not?

What technology challenges have you faced? What “people” challenges have you faced? How have you sought to overcome these difficulties? What have you learned about completing a major project within a professional deadline? What will you do differently next time?

What were your strengths as a designer?
What do you need to improve?

Last week I was feeling behind schedule. This week I AM behind schedule. In spite of adding content to many of my placeholders from last week, I didn’t finish all of my course design. Some of my inability to finish comes from convincing myself that sleep was more important – which is just another way of saying I was able to find other activities more interesting than doing course design. This is too bad, because it can drastically affect my grade. But, I am aware it is difficult for me to stay on track on any assignment I am not truly interested in. Although in the past I seem to take projects more seriously when it’s getting closer to the deadline, I have been proven wrong this time.

I didn’t face any technology or people challenges while creating this course. But I have re-learned that when the assigned project isn’t my preference I need to work harder at staying focused on the project and monitoring my progress within the timeline given.

I think my strengths as a designer are being able to envision the whole picture and an attention to detail. I think my course design looks professional and would be easy for most people, undergraduate level and above, to understand. Obviously, I need to improve on following my deadlines and minimizing my distractions. I could also benefit from ignoring the excuses my inner child comes up with.



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