CECS 5510 – Week 8 Activity 4

What feedback have you received and what have you done as a result? Why? Given that many standard corporate ID projects last about 3 weeks and this is week 8 of the session, how do you feel about working on a professional timeline?

So far the feedback I’ve received on my Recruiting and Interviewing Canvas Course has been positive. Both reviewers in my peer group have said they look forward to my course being complete so they can learn my topic. One reviewer likes the way my introduction looks and the other one we impressed with my use of the calendar. I tried to make my course introduction sound interesting and let the reader know there was a live person available to assistance. Although, I still need to modify some of the words because I’m aware I have one sentence that reads: This paragraph is still in progress and will be adjusted to sound more pleasing. I used the calendar to line out when assignments would be do so my students could stay on track. I still want to add pictures and images. I haven’t focused on that yet because I’m working on content.

When I submitted this week’s peer review, I only used information from one reviewer. The other reviewer mostly wrote observations about what I had already completed. I am continuing to add content to the course. This week I haven’t decided to make any significant changes to the things I’m adding. But I am going to have to review the total points earned to make sure it equals 100. One of my reviewers said the assignments so far didn’t add up correctly. I think it’s because I don’t have all the content entered yet, but I’m going to check and make sure.

New this week, I spend some time playing with the Quiz section. I’ve got two quizzes to create. This doesn’t seem to be difficult, nor too time consuming if the questions are already written out so I can copy/paste. Unfortunately, my questions are not already written out. I do, however, have the reading assignment finished for one of the quiz topics so I can pull questions from that document. I am going to remove the “available after” date on my quizzes so my peer reviewers can see them. One change I would like in the Quiz section of Canvas is to randomize the order of the questions. There is a button to click if I want to shuffle the answers, but not one for shuffling the questions.

I think I would be both comfortable and pleased with a 3 week timeline to complete a course for a standard corporate assignment. First of all, 16 weeks is too long to complete a course if that’s the only thing I was working one. Because I have my full time job and full time family I’m glad I have 16 weeks to develop and create this course. But I often think I have too much down time. Unfortunately, I do not use this time to get ahead. Instead I procrastinate and then spend large chunks of time playing catch up. Working 3 weeks, at a steady pace, sounds like a good idea for course creation for me. Professional timeline? Bring it on!


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