CECS 5510 – Week 3 Activity 4

Based upon your experience revising your instructional design document this week, reflect on what you learned from your peer’s feedback. What did you learn about your work? What did you change as a result? What did you not change? Why?

I reviewed two peer’s instructional design documents – one I felt needed many changes and the other I couldn’t find anything to be changed. I hope the first peer didn’t think I was being too picky and I hope what little feedback I gave to the second peer is helpful enough.  I was actually surprised that the first document I reviewed included activities for face-to-face instruction because the professor already told us we were to create only online instruction.  Maybe when the professor reviewed that design he already told this peer to make the change and she didn’t send me the adjusted design document. (3rd grade Place Value)  The second peer document has an online course I would be very interested in taking.  It sounds like a great class! (Photography)

From the review of my instructional design I learned that I shouldn’t use acronyms. I didn’t even realize that I did that. I’m often telling others to avoid acronyms because not everyone knows what they mean. I forgot to follow my own advice.

Changes I’m making to my own design document are to explain the acronyms I used, adding a Problem section, adding specific activities to the Timeline, and adjusting words used in subtitles, goals and objectives to use consistent verbiage.

I’m not changing Goals 2 and 3 – the suggestion in the review I received was that they sounded similar.  They actually are not. There is a significant difference between ‘job descriptions’ and ‘job postings.’ I will, however, add some words to help indicate how these elements are different. I also need to go back and tie my references to something in the document. I had unfortunately overlooked that modification after the professor’s review.

It feels like I’m on track so far.  My instructional design topic has been well received by both my professor and my peer reviewers.  I no longer feel discouraged.


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