CECS 5210 Blog Reflection: Project B

Reflect on the outcome of Project B. What worked? What did not? Why? Did you use your peer for feedback? If so, discuss the feedback your peer provided; if not, explain why? Discuss your client’s feedback? What did you use? What did you reject? Why?

Finishing project B was an awesome feeling. I really enjoy creating webpages and adding “fun” elements such as sounds, video, animated words or pictures, and links.

The final webpages looked professional and the special features I picked out operated as expected. Originally there were some special features that didn’t work, but I have gone back and adjusted my programing so now all of the animations work. These are the word animations in the quiz. My plan is to go back one more time and adjust the order of the correct answers. Currently option B on each of the ten multiple choice questions is the correct answer.

My peers at work still need to give me some feedback, and I will make other adjustments as needed. It depends on what they discover. My client is pleased with the training and she is excited for the new Undergraduate Service Assistants to receive the training in January when the next semester starts.

I do feel that my Job Aid needed more material. It was fairly basic and after reading some of my classmates’ examples I see I could have gone into much more detail. Specifically, I could have included time slots so whoever is giving the instruction in a classroom setting knows how long it takes to cover each piece. Although the total time is between 15 and 20 minutes, the instructor (it is not me) would be more comfortable know what to expect.

The other issue I had was the ‘broken’ parts of the SmartBoard. The power button wasn’t working, the computer screen resolution automatically adjusted, and the communication between the SmartBoard and the computer wasn’t consistent. Now that the service call is completed, one aspect of the training I created will probably not be needed. That is the part about resetting the computer screen resolution settings. These setting shouldn’t automatically change anymore because the connection between the SmartBoard and the computer has been replaced with newer technology. But, it makes sense to leave this part in the training just in case the computer screen resolution settings change for some other reason.

I do see this project as ‘not finished’ but ‘ongoing.’ As a department, we are going to make modifications to the training as needed. Like almost everything we publish, this training will be reviewed at least once a year.


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