CECS 5210 Blog Reflection: Project A

Reflect on your experiences creating Project A from start to finish. What worked and what did not? What do you think was the strongest aspect of the design process? The weakest? How do you think the experience will effect you on Project B?

I’m celebrating! I finished Project A. It went well, but I had some trouble along the way. Specifically, I had trouble with writing pre-training documents. It is hard for me to slow down and put into words the steps before creating the training. My mind jumps to the finished project.

One thing that didn’t work in the whole process was implementation. When I got to that part I discovered the SmartBoard needed a service call. The power button wasn’t working, the computer resolution kept automatically changing to the wrong setting, and I didn’t have access to save the training documents to the computer that communicates with the SmartBoard.

Fortunately, I had already created a temporary fix for two of these issues in the training. The other problem with implementation is the timing is not ideal. The next time we actually need the training is in January when the Spring semester begins.

I think the strongest aspect of this training was the pre-set guidelines for creating department procedures. This format was selected by my client to create the training and since creating department procedures is already an established procedure, it was very easy for me to plug in the necessary elements for the SmartBoard training. The weakest link was most likely me. My troubles with writer’s block and procrastination have added lots of stress as I hurry up to finish the last documents to be submitted.

The experience of Project A actually helped me with Project B. I began Project B before I finished Project A. Project B is web based and I really enjoy creating web pages.


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