CECS 5210 Blog Reflection: Implementation/Evaluation/Method Loci

Reflect on the Method of Loci in your blog. What worked? What didn’t? How could you use such a cognitive activity, mental or visible to users, to improve the acquisition of knowledge in your designs? Write a blog entry on this.

Reflect on the implementation and evaluation: What changes will you make before implementation? Why? What did you ignore in the client’s feedback? Why? What did you ignore in your peer’s feedback? Why?

None of the Method of Loci process worked for me. I tried it several times and at different times of the day. I thought it was odd that it didn’t work because I practice meditation and the process has some similarities. I also considered it was the material I was trying to memorize. The “four components of Wilson’s view of Situated Instructional Design” is not simple to me. Most of the technical stuff about Instructional Design isn’t simple either. I’ve found myself on more than one occasion having to research terms and concepts to better understand them. Unfortunately, only I understand just enough to complete an assignment, the next time the term or concept comes up, I have forgotten again. Apparently retention is my problem. Method of Loci may be a tool that helps some people with retention, but it’s not for me. I will do much better conducting a full scale research of the topic and writing a paper about it if I want to retain the information.

Although I understand the importance of all the elements in Instructional Design, I had writers block when it came to writing about Implementation and Evaluation. As of this writing I haven’t received a review from my client about my Implementation and Evaluation document. She did tell me that she will review the document on Monday. Any changes my client suggests will be a part of the final training. After all, she is my boss. But because she cannot review it until Monday, the changes may not be reflected in my project. The goal is to have all the bugs worked out before the holiday break so when we return for the Spring semester, the SmartBoard Training will be ready for the Undergraduate Service Assistance to use.

I almost forgot to get a review from my peers. Hopefully, that will occur soon. I think I can update this blog with new information if needed after I get the reviews, but I believe I will not be making any changes to the document. The reason for not taking any advice that might be given is because I’ve already performed testing and received feedback from another staff member about the training I developed.

Testing occurs with every new procedure (training) developed. It is natural to check if what has been created will actually work. It is the first opportunity to identify what is good and what is bad then make modifications before too many people learn first hand how competent you are.

Feedback also helps determine what is good and what is bad then identifies where changes MIGHT be needed. Sometimes feedback is just complaining. Just because someone reports something shouldn’t be ‘that’ way doesn’t mean there isn’t a valid reason to keep it ‘that’ way.


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